I. Customer Service, Correspondence and Dispute Resolution

In the event any disputable issues arise, the operator shall endeavor to resolve the issue within his/her authority through negotiations. In the event he/she fails, a superior shall take on the resolution of the issue. If it is not possible to resolve the issue even in this case, the operator or the operator’s superior shall contact the CEO for settling the dispute. If the issue cannot be resolved through negotiations, the Parties may apply to the courts of the Republic of Moldova.

II. Intellectual Property

The content and design of boutiquemimi.md, as well as all materials directly related to it, used in any way; articles, designs, etc. are owned by our company and are protected by the Intellectual Property Law. It is forbidden to use, reproduce and allow anyone to use boutiquemimi.md materials without written permission.

It is permitted to create links to the website boutiquemimi.md being limited and not exclusive as long as this action does not represent Boutique Mimi in a false, disparaging, offensive or misleading way.

If any questions or issues regarding the Intellectual property arise, please contact us via email: boutiquemimimd@gmail.com

III. User registration

The access to boutiquemimi.md is free of charge. However, for using certain services provided on the site, such as purchasing products, receiving letters from boutiquemimi.md or checking the situation related to the order made, you must register on boutiquemimi.md and create a user account. Registration implies understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions of boutiquemimi.md and the company’s privacy policy.

According to the stipulated terms and conditions, changes may be made from time to time. In the event you do not agree with such changes, you retain the right not to use the services of boutiquemimi.md. When using the website boutiquemimi.md, you are solely responsible for the confidentiality of the data of your user account created on the site as well as all account movements.

boutiquemimi.md reserves the right to block a user account unilaterally in order to change or delete information, links, images, or refuse to sell goods at its discretion.

IV. Advertising

The site boutiquemimi.md contains advertising of our services and products. By using the website boutiquemimi.md, by accepting the terms, conditions and privacy policy, you tacitly agree to accept commercial messages.

V. Terms and Conditions of Payment, Cancellation of Payment, Procedure of Delivery and Return of Goods

Free delivery...

If you make an order for at least 500 lei, then the delivery of goods is free. The delivery cost of orders for less than 500 lei is 50 lei within the city of Chisinau. The delivery in Chisinau can be made within one hour after the operator confirms the possibility of delivery (availability of flowers, time and complexity of making the arrangement, etc.) and only during the working hours of the shop. You can check this possibility by contacting the operator directly. The delivery to the regions is calculated separately, depending on the distance from the place of delivery. Goods must be ordered at least 24 hours before the expected delivery time.

Delivery method...

We can deliver goods in several ways, depending on your wishes and ideas:

First option. We call the recipient, agree on the time of delivery and request the correct address. If the order falls on holidays, then we negotiate the terms of delivery with the recipient at least one day prior to it. If you wish, we can hide information from the recipient that it is a flower delivery and who is the customer.

Second option – “without a call”. We agree on the time and place with you in advance. We deliver the order, keeping complete confidentiality and the effect of surprise.

Terms of delivery “without a call”

If the recipient is not present in the agreed place at the specified time, the courier waits for the recipient no more than 15 minutes. In the case of home delivery, we hand the order directly to the recipient, without intermediaries, i.e. goods cannot be left for storage with neighbors or other people. A surcharge is charged for redelivery.

Order transfer...

Delivery to the place of work or to the hotel. If the courier delivers the order to the place of work, the goods can be left with colleagues or other employees, upon confirmation that the recipient is or will appear at work on that day. We guarantee delivery of goods to the reception desk. The courier may be prohibited to go further. When arranging delivery to a hotel or office center, please specify the access to the recipient’s room or office, as well as his/her mobile phone number.

Home delivery. The order is delivered to the recipient personally and in the absence of the recipient, it cannot be left with the neighbors.

Problem situations...

If the recipient is absent at the time of delivery.

In the event of poor weather and road conditions (snow, flooding, ice), the order can be delivered either later or after cessation of those conditions (at our discretion) depending on the complexity and nature of the conditions.

In the event the recipient cannot accept the order at the specified time, we will contact you and arrange for redelivery.

Please check the address and number of the recipient for several times before placing an order. Incorrect data may significantly complicate the courier’s work and prevent the timely delivery of the gift.

When ordering, do not forget to specify the house intercom code or other access to the access control system, if any. Otherwise, the courier will not be able to deliver the goods.

Order status...

As soon as the order is delivered, you will receive an SMS message to your Moldovan number and a letter to your email.


We do not disclose the customer’s name and other data to the recipient. We only inform that the goods already paid for have been delivered to him/her. Together with a flower gift, you can send a postcard or a note containing all the information you need. Orders are taken by phone from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Privacy policy

When registering on boutiquemimi.md, you must specify some personal data such as name, date of birth, email address, etc. This allows us to identify you as a user of our site and to process your order. In addition, in order to subscribe to newsletters and notifications from boutiquemimi.md, you must specify a valid email address. This information is used only for the purposes for which it has been collected and under the terms and conditions with which you have agreed. Personal data may not be transferred or sold to third parties.

In accordance with Law of the Republic of Moldova No. 133 of 08.07.2011, you have the right to oppose the processing of your personal data, or to request their removal. If any personal data are incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible. To exercise your rights, you can send us a signed application to the email address boutiquemimimd@gmail.com.

Delivery cost in the regions of the Republic of Moldova:

In Chisinau and its suburbs, the delivery is carried out no earlier than 1-2 hours after the payment (1 hour after the confirmation of the order by the operator). For other districts of Moldova, the order can be delivered no earlier than 12-24 hours after the payment receipt.

Minimum order - 300 LEI

VI. Payment Terms and Conditions:

The payment is made online using Visa, MasterCard bank cards, through bank transfer systems, in cash through courier, cash on delivery, or in the shop.

The final cost of the order includes the cost of the flower arrangement, including VAT, the cost of additional gifts or accessories and the cost of delivery, if it is stipulated in the order.

When you fill in the recipient’s data, make sure that they are complete and reliable. If you cannot specify the exact address or full name of the recipient, please let us know about this fact by phone or by email. Floramania SRL shall not be liable for late delivery due to the lack of complete recipient’s data.

The company provides services strictly in accordance with the Order.

  1. The work of florists on flower arrangements, their production and delivery are possible only if the Buyer has fulfilled the conditions of prepayment.
  2. The site contains photos and sketches of goods. These are only optional examples of work. Each Order is individual and executed personally by the florist, therefore its appearance, composition, size, packaging and other elements can be changed. The buyer can choose the type of flower arrangement he/she likes and replace the number of flowers, their type and assortment. Replacement must be of equal value. The company does not guarantee the availability of certain flowers, because it depends on the season and the urgency of the Order. The arrangement may differ slightly from the image on the site, depending on your Order. The company makes every effort so that the arrangement is similar to the picture as much as possible.
  3. The delivery within the limits of Chisinau is carried out within 3-4 hours upon payment and confirmation of the Order. The delivery in other regions is made within at least 24 hours upon confirmation of the Order, its cost is discussed with the manager additionally. When making an order, you must indicate on the website the time when it is more convenient for you to receive the Order.
  4. If the Order needs to be delivered to a hotel, camping or other similar place, please specify the room number and the name of the Recipient in advance. The courier delivers the Order to the reception. Its further delivery and the time of receipt of the Order depends on the hotel administration and the presence of the Recipient in the hotel at that time. The company shall not be liable if the specified person (or group of persons) has moved out of the hotel, changed the room or has not received the Order for other reasons after its delivery by courier to the reception.
  5. Please specify the Recipient’s details accurately. Fill in all the necessary information clearly. Be sure to include the house intercom code, floor and number of the office, or other specific information.
  6. Please specify the exact address of the Recipient. The company tries to deliver the Order on time and to the correct address, but if it is specified incorrectly or the person no longer lives there, is on vacation or for other reasons cannot accept the Order, the courier and the company are relieved of all responsibility, and the Order is deemed to be delivered. Therefore, if necessary, verify the address and location of the Recipient in advance.
  7. An order is deemed to be executed, even if the Recipient has refused to accept it, regardless of the reason.

Order cancellation

If the Customer has placed the Order incorrectly or wants to cancel it, he/she must notify thereof two days before the Order execution. Only then, the company guarantees the return of the amount. The return is performed within three business days and only in the way the payment was done.

The customer service is ready to accept a complaint if the Recipient has voiced grievances regarding the quality or delivery of the goods at the time of handing over the Order. If the order is not executed through the company’s fault, it guarantees a full refund to the Customer.

The company guarantees the execution of the order, if the following requirements are met:

  1. The Customer fills in all the fields specified in the Order form clearly and accurately.
  2. When ordering a service, you must comply with the laws.
  3. The Customer undertakes to make payment in accordance with the requirements of the company.
  4. The Customer makes a full prepayment using any of the payment methods provided by the company.
  5. The Company shall not be liable for any actions of third parties, for any losses or lost profits of the Customer, for problems in using the selected payment method or inability to use it.
  6. The liability of the company in the event of any complaint shall be limited, in aggregate, to the amount of the payment made by the Customer.
  7. The Company shall not be liable for the possible failure of free services, such as SMS confirmation, sending an email, delivery of notes and postcards.
  8. The Company shall not be liable if the execution of the Order is disrupted due to circumstances beyond the control of boutiquemimi.md. This includes but is not limited to natural disasters, disconnection of the Internet and/or blackout, any disorders, strikes, etc.
  9. The Customer is responsible for all his/her actions, including compliance with the law, for the accuracy of information, both about the Customer and about the Recipient.
  10. If the Customer violates or fails to fulfill the above requirements of the Company, the Company may refuse the Order or may suspend its execution.
  11. As soon as the Customer places and pays for the Order, he/she tacitly agrees with the requirements of the company stipulated above.
  12. Payment on delivery is not accepted for exclusive and customized goods. Such goods can be ordered only by prepayment.
  13. The order can be delivered with delay on the same day or even later, in case of poor weather conditions (snowfall, flood, etc.) or impassable roads.
  14. Payment by calling a courier, on delivery or in cash in the shop is possible only during the working hours of the shop.

In case if your payment has been already received and you changed your mind, write us on our e-mail Boutiquemimi@gmail.com or call us +38379331122 as soon as possible. In case, if your command was not prepared by our specialists we will contacts and make a refund in previous pay method. All appeals are receiving not later then 24 hours before delivery.

When converting to other foreign currencies, the commercial rate of Victoriabank is used, which you can find on victoriabank.md

VII. Rules of Replacement

Some species of flowers are not always in stock. Their delivery depends on the season and a number of other factors. In the event the required species is not available, the company manager will contact the Customer and discuss possible options for replacement.

If an arrangement is created specifically for a holiday and the manager cannot contact you for objective reasons (your phone is turned off, late hours, etc.), the florist will make a similar arrangement, replacing the unavailable parts, at his/her discretion. The arrangement will correspond to the price paid by you or exceed it. The florist will keep the size, type, form and color shades of the arrangement initially selected by you as much as possible.

The replacement clause also applies to packaging materials and decor. Floramania SRL respects the wishes of its customers and tries to fulfill the Order as accurately as possible. Regardless of the possible replacement, we guarantee you the quality of the Order and its presentable appearance.

All complaints for qualitative or quantitative aspects of the delivered goods are accepted during the order transfer. The complaints are NOT accepted if there are suspicions that the flowers or gifts have been improperly stored after the delivery or have been subjected to mechanical action by the third party.

Floramania SRL pays special attention to the quality of goods and services offered to the customers. Any customer of Floramania SRL may count on the necessary support in the event of an exchange or return.

VIII. Force Majeure

Floramania SRL shall not be liable for delay, errors, late delivery due to circumstances beyond the control of Floramania SRL, we are also not liable for any technical problems occurring through no fault of the company (lack of the Internet connection, telephone connection, computer viruses, unauthorized access to the server, operational errors, and force majeure circumstances provided for by law).

IX. Complaints of Violation of the Private and Intellectual Property Law

boutiquemimi.md respects the right of private property of third parties. If you find any information that violates this right on boutiquemimi.md, please send us a notice to the email boutiquemimimd@gmail.com or inform us by phone +37379331122.